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Galassia is an atmospheric lightning inspired by a geometry of a twisted shape of galaxies as places where the light was born. The lightning is made from artificial stone /Hi-macs/.

Individual Himacs „sheets“ are processed by CNC milling machines and heat-shaped in a double mould. Afterwards, they are joined together using special Hi-macs glue and attached to the central octagonal component in the upper and lower part of the diffusor. The advantage of the glue lies in its ability not to leave any sign of joints which contributes to the perfect, visually pleasing connection between the individual components. There is a 3D printed scroll, onto which the upper part of the base with a highly efficient LED light is screwed.

The lighting has a touch sensor placed in the middle of the aluminium part on which a shade for controlling the light intensity is attached. The sensor has a LED indicator of the blue colour which indicates which point to touch to switch the light on, off or dim. The intensity of light and dimming is done through keeping a finger on the aluminium “leg“ for three or more seconds. After switching it on, the lighting „remembers“ the intensity and follows the prior mode.

Design - Mgr. art. Peter Kuliffay

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